Friday, 27 January 2012


Friday, 2 October 2009

Why not?

I found this fabulous notepad this afternoon, at the stationery department of the Conran Shop on rue du Bac, just accros Le Bon Marché. It costs 7 euros and it's really really funny. I know my friend Flo is going to laugh when he reads this.

"Why I must have sex with you
Now you can communicate to prospective partners not only that you want to have sex with them but also why."

Voici quelques raisons parmi les plus drôles:

- To boost my serotonin levels
- I need to release tension
- My therapist suggested it
- Practice makes perfect
- It's on my to-do list
- I'm out of chocolate
- I can't sleep
- Why not?

The notepad is from KNOCK KNOCK. I had already bought a couple of their funny notepads such as "Notes to self: correspondence with someone you love" or their "5 Days a Week" schedule.
You can find more about their products (and buy them) on their website:

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Being a collector

Mon travail de styliste me rend naturellement curieuse, alerte, toujours les yeux grands ouverts à la recherche d'inspiration. Collectionneuse avide de tout ce qui, conscient ou inconconsciemment, m'aide à créer.
Je me nourris de ce qui m'entoure et comme Max, je garde tout ce qui m'inspire (ou presque) dans des vieilles malles, dans des boîtes, des cartons. Je garde précieusement images, livres, journaux, vêtements, cartes postales, emballages, recettes, magazines, bouts de tissus, vielles photos...Cette collection s'agrandit presque tous les jours, envahissant le moindre recoin. Elle se transforme, se renouvelle et nourrit l'inspiration wall du moment...
Avec ce blog, je voudrais partager avec vous ce recueil à évolution permanente et cette quête d'inspiration...